Grant Administration

BCNI is a Grant Administrator for the State of New York.  Grants may be available for emergency repairs to your home, Grants to resolve Code Violations & Health and Safety issues, and Grants for Accessibility needs. As a Grant Administrator BCNI follows guidelines set out by HUD, NY State and local Governmental agencies to ensure Grant Funds are used in accordance with the rules for each specific Grant created and issued for disbursement.

The types of Grants issued and available at any time vary greatly based upon the governing bodies that issue the Grants. Below are examples of Grants that have been issued in the past or presently available to homeowners in need of assistance.

Grants are issued on a first-come first-serve basis. Grants are developed to assist individuals with repairs and provide opportunities to stay in their homes.  Grants are NOT provided to investors, home flippers, or home owners who do not live in the home.

If you have questions regarding the availability of Grants, type of renovations covered by Grants or have a general inquiry regarding Grants please call us and we will gladly provide you additional information.


Most Grants have basic requirements for a Grant to be awarded. Additional requirement may be required for certain Grants. Following are some of the basic guidelines you should know:

  • Homeowner must live in the home where repairs are to be made
  • Taxes must be current (property and school taxes)
  • Mortgage payments must be current
  • Must be current on and possess Homeowners Insurance
  • Must be willing to have a lien placed upon the property for the affordability timeframe of the Grant
  • Must be a legal US resident


Restore Grants are emergency repair grants for homeowners 60 years and older who live in the City of Schenectady. The Grant is limited to $10,000 and must address an immediate repair need; such as; a leaking roof, no heat in the home, leaking pipes and code violations.


Home Grants cover a wide range of repairs on Owner-Occupied homes. A feasibility walk through on the home is required to create a scope of work to determine if the repairs of the home meet the Grant requirements and dollar limits. Home Grants cover a wide variety of repairs from roofs, electrical, plumbing, flooring, walls, lead hazards, asbestos, etc.

Home Grants have additional requirements; such as; mandatory informational meetings, household income at or below 80% AMI. Details of requirements may be reviewed with our Grant Administration team members.


Access Grants are used to provide solutions to mobility issues within your home. Handicap accessible bathrooms, chair lifts and/or ramps to assist homeowners navigate freely through their homes. Access Grants fall into three general categories; Access to Home, Access for Veterans, Access for Medicaid recipients.


The goal of the Home Buyer assistance grant is to help low income individuals realize the goal of home ownership. Funding if provided to assistance with a down payment and closing cost as well as funding to assist in rehabilitation work on the home.

The home must be purchased within the city limits of Schenectady. Rehabilitation work must be completed within 6 months of closing on the home.

A note and mortgage will be added to the home to cover the affordability period of the Grant. Home buyer must receive pre-purchase counselor to fully understand the home buying experience and to help the home buyer have a successful outcome. Other restrictions and requirements apply.

To understand more about currently available Grants, answer questions you may have or ask for additional information contact us today. A Grant Advisor will contact you to discuss options available to you.

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