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Two housing organizations in Schenectady are coming together to create Better Community Neighborhoods, Inc. (BCNI).

Merger of Affordable Housing Not-For-Profits in Schenectady Approved

Community Land Trust and Better Neighborhoods Inc. Combine Forces to Boost Schenectady Neighborhoods

Schenectady, N.Y., January 28, 2021 — Two housing organizations in Schenectady are coming together to create Better Community Neighborhoods, Inc. (BCNI). The goal of the merger is to create a powerful tool to further boost neighborhood building programs and services in Schenectady. The merger of Better Neighborhoods Inc., and Community Land Trust of Schenectady has been officially approved by the NYS Attorney General and NYS Homes and Community Renewal. The merger is now complete with a new board, new board president, and a mandate to encourage positive development.

Charles Kilbourne, BCNI’s new President of the Board of Directors, said, “This is all about investing in Schenectady’s neighborhoods and the people who live there. The goal is a strong, healthy organization to revitalize our neighborhoods the way Metroplex has …

January 28, 2021|

The Merger that created Better Community Neighborhoods, Inc.

The Better Community Neighborhoods, Inc. merger was initiated by two Schenectady-based philanthropic organizations focused on investing in the benefit and improvement of Schenectady neighborhoods, Wright Family Foundation and Little Family Foundation (the Foundations). In order to preserve and leverage the strengths and assets of Better Neighborhoods Inc. and Community Land Trust of Schenectady, the Foundations funded the costs of exploratory meetings and research and the eventual execution of a merger plan to create a single organization stronger than the sum of its two parts. Additionally, the Foundations committed to providing several years of financial support to the newly merged organization to enable it to expand its capacity to take on new initiatives. Both existing organizations are members of New York State’s Neighborhood Preservation Program, and this merger takes full advantage of a New York State incentive program for such mergers. New York State has multiple well-funded programs, as a result …

July 1, 2020|
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